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  • Based on our long experience in the development of retail business systems, we have started our own platform for loyalty programs management – FLP (Frantishex Loyalty Platform). FLP has been developed by Frantishex from scratch. It is using highly effective and extremely produtcive algorithms that allow processing of thousands of transactions and loyalty patterns calculations.

  • Loyalty programs are still being a hit within retailers - in fact there is no merchant who doesn’t use loyalty programs in his everyday business.

  • The platform is primarily offered as software as a service (SaaS) solution providing tools for merchants to model, manage, track and evaluate their own loyalty programs for a reasonable price. In practice, any merchant can integrate it's own software within FLP – no matter  you have a small website for online sales or great custom product- you can easily get your loyalty programs up and running within FLP platform.

  • FLP provides Cloud REST APIs to deliver  comprehensive programmable model.

  • FLP empowers merchants to model various and even unique loyal programs for it's customers, regardless of their complexity . Well known approaches are possible - cards for loyal customers, accumulation of points, redemption, promotions, discounts, time constraints, etc.

  • FLP lives in the Amazon cloud and is available to thousands of merchants. It can process data for millions of sales and customers!

  • We offer this innovative platform through "Pay As You Go" model!

  • No initial investment is needed and our customers will pay only for what they will use!

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