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Cloud REST API & Cloud Infrastructure Development

  • If you have an idea for a new software product, but there is no commercial API suitable for your needs?

  • If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to loose?

  • If your Cloud REST API must be robust, secure and scalable, because thousand of users will use it?

  • If you do not want to set up and maintain your own server infrastructure?


Software Development with a Lasting Impact

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We use different Java frameworks to deliver software modules of best quality

  • business modelling

  • Rest API (Java, Spring Boot, AWS SDK), Swagger Documentation

  • Secured by AWS Cognito & Integration with Spring Security

  • Database Backed APIs (design,  implementation & optimization)

  • performance optimization (put your load requirements and we will meet them)

  • Integration with different AWS Services (emailing, text messaging, monitoring topics, etc)

  • third party APIs  integration

  • Service Oriented Architecture

  • scalable services (AutoScaling available)

  • non-expensive infrastructure

  • transparent versioning & updates

  • high availability

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Working from Home


We deploy cloud APIs in the largest cloud infrastructure in the world - Amazon Web Services.

We have strong expertise. We offer building of infrastructure in the Amazon cloud, services deployment, monitoring, maintenance, support, etc.

Our cloud APIs may be part of a larger software solution or used independently by web-based or mobile apps.

  • Scalable architectures (Load Balancer + AutoScaling Groups), Monitoring, Support

  • AWS Cloud Formation stacks & templates

  • Cloud Services (Cloud REST API) integrated with different AWS Services

  • AWS Cognito Integration

  • Web site hosting with Cloud Front & S3 Buckets

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